Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations have become increasingly popular given the fluctuating financial climate which gives way to an array of potential problems which can damage your business. Halo Security provides an effective investigation service across a variety of corporate and commercial sectors including insurance fraud, workplace fraud, etc.

Once an investigation is complete, we provide clients with a detailed report outlining all relevant information allowing them to make an informed decision on how best to proceed. Our methods will vary depending on the unique specifications of the case we are working on.

Halo Security combines bespoke solutions with cutting edge equipment to conduct incisive investigations.

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Insurance Fraud

Halo Security can conduct discreet and effective surveillance to determine whether an individual is making a valid or fraudulent claim. We provide investigative services across a variety of claim types, including:

  • PPI

  • Accident & Health

  • Property

  • Motor Theft

  • Mobiles & Other Gadgets

  • Warranty

  • Travel

  • Death

If you suspect a claimant of insurance fraud and require an investigative service, get in contact with us.

Workplace & Employee Fraud

On occasion, an employer may decide an employee’s actions require the engagement of a private investigator to determine whether they are defrauding or otherwise harming the company. Halo Security delivers a discreet and effective investigation service, covertly monitoring employee actions and clearly outlining all relevant information gathered thus allowing the employer to make an informed decision.

If you are a business owner and require assistance with workplace and employee fraud, get in contact with us.

Supply Chain Loss/Theft Detection

If you suspect goods are being pilfered internally from your business, Halo Security can perform a discreet and thorough investigation, closely monitoring your products and supply chains to determine whether any nefarious activity is taking place.

If you are a business owner and believe you are the victim of internal theft, get in contact with us.