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Discreet.    Confidential.    Professional.


Halo Security has a wealth of experience working with private clients who require assistance with civil issues such as spousal infidelity, property and possession issues, etc. Our team of skilled detectives have a range of skills at their disposal which they can call upon to approach unique situations in a way that will deliver favourable results.

We consult closely with our clients in order to understand their needs and to develop a tailored strategy based on the client’s specifications. During the investigation process, we maintain frequent communication with our clients to ensure they are aware of all progress being made. All work is carried out with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity as we fully understand the complexities involved with many of these cases.


The idea that your spouse/partner is cheating can cause a lot of distress and anxiety, and it is often the case that our clients are simply seeking some peace of mind. We approach each of these investigations with respect and compassion as we understand the difficulties involved with infidelity cases. Our investigators operate discreetly and effectively to secure the information you need, which will be in a clear and professional manner.

Marital Investigation

If you suspect your partner of cheating and require an investigative service, get in contact with us.

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